Friendly Dog Daycare

$25-$40/Small dogs - $35-$45/ Large breed dogs

Aggressive Dog Daycare


Mid Day Relief

$20 for 20 mins

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2 week+ Boarding

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Nelson and the Happy K-9 were a godsend for us. They changed our super leash and dog reactive pit-lab mix into a calmer, more relaxed, fun loving pup.’ So much of the training was not just for our dog, but also for us, to be able to handle her correctly. Setting boundaries, leadership and goal directed training from THK-9 have changed how we interact with our dog now. We never realized what a good doggie we had till Nelson introduced us to Maggie 2.0. THK-9 board and train facility have made us able to keep our super high energy pitty in an engaged environment as we work super long hours. Having a trust worthy dependable team that pick up and drop off our pup and are super accommodating to our crazy schedules, is an amazing blessing ! The best part is despite knowing he’s busy will his BIG pack of dogs, somehow it always feels like Nelson treats our pup special (I’m sure all his clients feel the same way). Can’t say enough good things about Nelson and his team! ” 

                                                       -Amit and Mayanka

Danvers, MA  |  |  (617) 501-0832